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 Short stories
  La sonate au désert   (La sonate au désert, 1965)   in   Lunatique 71 - n°63
  La colonne   (La colonne, 1967)   in   Lunatique 71 - n°63
  Ton corps ne soit que roses   (Ton corps ne soit que roses, 2012)   in   Lunatique 84 (Galaxies n° 17) - n°139

 Autres œuvres
 Tranlations of novels
 Fahrenheit 451   (Ray Bradbury, 1953)
 The shrinking man   (Richard Matheson, 1956)
 Symbiote’s crown   (Scott Baker, 1978)
 Moreau’s Other Island   (Brian Aldiss, 1980)
 The affirmation   (Christopher Priest, 1981)
 Helliconia spring   (Brian Aldiss, 1982)
 Helliconia summer   (Brian Aldiss, 1983)
 Tik-tok   (John Thomas Sladek, 1983)
 Helliconia winter   (Brian Aldiss, 1985)
 A hunger in the soul   (Mike Resnick, 1998)
 Empire of Unreason   (J. Gregory Keyes, 2000)

 Translations of short stories
 Bogy   (Al Sarrantonio)
 Out from Ganymede   (Barry N. Malzberg)
 Eyes   (Charles L. Grant)
 With a Finger in My I   (David Gerrold)
 Cataloupes and kangaroos   (Dennis R. Caro)
 New New York New Orleans   (George Alec Effinger)
 White on White   (Harlan Ellison)
 Shattered Like a Glass Goblin   (Harlan Ellison)
 Try a Dull Knife   (Harlan Ellison)
 Are you listening ?   (Harlan Ellison)
 The Song the Zombie Sang   (Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg)
 Run for the Stars   (Harlan Ellison)
 The Pitll Pawob Division | The Pawob Division   (Harlan Ellison)
 Runesmith   (Harlan Ellison, Theodore Sturgeon)
 The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World   (Harlan Ellison)
 The place with no name   (Harlan Ellison)
 Santa Claus vs S.P.I.D.E.R.   (Harlan Ellison)
 Phoenix (ou Phoenix Land)   (Harlan Ellison)
 S.R.O.   (Harlan Ellison)
 Worlds to kill   (Harlan Ellison)
 Street Scene (ou Dunderbird)   (Harlan Ellison, Keith Laumer)
 Along the Scenic Route | Dogfight on 101   (Harlan Ellison)
 Come to Me Not in Winter’s White   (Harlan Ellison, Roger Zelazny)
 The hands   (Ramsey Campbell)
 The black Ferris   (Ray Bradbury)
 The thing   (Richard Matheson)
 The conqueror   (Richard Matheson)
 Big Surprise | What Was in the Box ?   (Richard Matheson)
 Randy-Tandy man   (Ross Rocklynne)
 Return to the Sabbath   (Robert Bloch, 1938)
 The sea shell   (Ray Bradbury, 1944)
 The Bat is My Brother   (Robert Bloch, 1944)
 Catnip   (Robert Bloch, 1948)
 The Tunnel of Love   (Robert Bloch, 1948)
 Half past eternity   (John D. MacDonald, 1950)
 Bonfire   (Ray Bradbury, 1950)
 The Musicians   (Ray Bradbury, 1950)
 Born of man and woman   (Richard Matheson, 1950)
 When the waker sleeps   (Richard Matheson, 1950)
 Through channel   (Richard Matheson, 1951)
 Witch war   (Richard Matheson, 1951)
 Dress of white silk   (Richard Matheson, 1951)
 "Drink my red blood" | Blood son   (Richard Matheson, 1951)
 Clothes make the man   (Richard Matheson, 1951)
 Return   (Richard Matheson, 1951)
 Brother to the machine   (Richard Matheson, 1952)
 Lover when you’re near me   (Richard Matheson, 1952)
 SRL AD   (Richard Matheson, 1952)
 Time is the traitor   (Alfred Bester, 1953)
 Sorry, right number / Long distance call   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 Disappearing Act   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 Mother by Protest | Trespass   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 Slaughter House   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 Mad house   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 Lazarus II   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 The last day   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 The disinheritors   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 Death ship   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 Wet Straw   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 Little girl lost   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 Legion of Plotters   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 Shipshape home   (Richard Matheson, 1953)
 The Dream Makers   (Robert Bloch, 1953)
 At midnight, in the month of June   (Ray Bradbury, 1954)
 Dear diary   (Richard Matheson, 1954)
 Being   (Richard Matheson, 1954)
 The curious child   (Richard Matheson, 1954)
 Pattern for survival   (Richard Matheson, 1955)
 The funeral   (Richard Matheson, 1955)
 Steel   (Richard Matheson, 1956)
 Absolutely inflexible   (Robert Silverberg, 1956)
 The Macauley circuit   (Robert Silverberg, 1956)
 Old Haunts   (Richard Matheson, 1957)
 A Visit to Santa Claus | I’ll Make It Look Good   (Richard Matheson, 1957)
 The Distributor   (Richard Matheson, 1957)
 The Children of Noah   (Richard Matheson, 1957)
 The holiday man   (Richard Matheson, 1957)
 Warm man   (Robert Silverberg, 1957)
 The man who never forgot   (Robert Silverberg, 1957)
 A Man of Talent | The Man with Talent   (Robert Silverberg, 1957)
 Travel diary   (Alfred Bester, 1958)
 The Edge   (Richard Matheson, 1958)
 Lemmings   (Richard Matheson, 1958)
 Road to nightfall   (Robert Silverberg, 1958)
 Will you wait ?   (Alfred Bester, 1959)
 Deadline   (Richard Matheson, 1959)
 No Such Thing As a Vampire   (Richard Matheson, 1959)
 Mantage   (Richard Matheson, 1959)
 The Songs of Summer   (Robert Silverberg, 1959)
 From shadowed places   (Richard Matheson, 1960)
 Nightmare at 20 000 Feet   (Richard Matheson, 1962)
 Finger Prints   (Richard Matheson, 1962)
 The Likeness of Julie   (Richard Matheson, 1962)
 Mute   (Richard Matheson, 1962)
 Bright phoenix   (Ray Bradbury, 1963)
 Deus ex Machina   (Richard Matheson, 1963)
 Girl of My Dreams   (Richard Matheson, 1963)
 The Jazz Machine   (Richard Matheson, 1963)
 Shock Wave   (Richard Matheson, 1963)
 Lonelyache   (Harlan Ellison, 1964)
 The pleasure garden of Felipe Sagittarius   (Michael Moorcook, 1965)
 Another Little Boy   (Brian Aldiss, 1966)
 Prettie Maggie moneyeyes   (Harlan Ellison, 1967)
 First Anniversary   (Richard Matheson, 1967)
 A toy for Juliette   (Robert Bloch, Harlan Ellison, 1967)
 The affluence of Edwin Lollard   (Thomas Michael Disch, 1967)
 I see a man sitting on a chair, and the chair is biting his leg   (Harlan Ellison, Robert Sheckley, 1968)
 Asleep : with Still Hands | The Sleeper with Still Hands   (Harlan Ellison, 1968)
 The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World   (Harlan Ellison, 1969)
 A boy and his dog   (Harlan Ellison, 1969)
 The summer cannibals   (James Graham Ballard, 1969)
 Anxietal Register B   (John Thomas Sladek, 1969)
 Winston   (Kit Reed, 1969)
 The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde   (Norman Spinrad, 1969)
 Prey   (Richard Matheson, 1969)
 Therese | Needle in the Heart   (Richard Matheson, 1969)
 After the Myths Went Home   (Robert Silverberg, 1969)
 In the pocket   (Barry N. Malzberg, 1970)
 Ramona, come softly   (Gordon Eklund, 1970)
 Gravity   (Harvey Jacobs, 1970)
 Button,button   (Richard Matheson, 1970)
 til death do us part   (Richard Matheson, 1970)
 Come Fygures, Come Shadowes   (Richard Matheson, 1970)
 By Appointment Only   (Richard Matheson, 1970)
 Ishmael in Love   (Robert Silverberg, 1970)
 Black is beautiful   (Robert Silverberg, 1970)
 We Know Who We Are   (Robert Silverberg, 1970)
 The Reality Trip   (Robert Silverberg, 1970)
 Ringing the Changes   (Robert Silverberg, 1970)
 The Sliced-Crosswise Only-on-Tuesday World   (Philip Jose Farmer, 1971)
 Encased in ancient rind   (Raphael Aloysius Lafferty, 1971)
 Duel   (Richard Matheson, 1971)
 The naked and the unashamed   (Robert E. Margroff, 1971)
 Going   (Robert Silverberg, 1971)
 Bitching it   (Sonya Dorman, 1971)
 And dug the dog a tomb   (Laurence James, 1972)
 In the barn   (Piers Anthony, 1972)
 Dorg   (Raphael Aloysius Lafferty, 1972)
 Leo rising   (Richard Matheson, 1972)
 (Now + n, Now - n)   (Robert Silverberg, 1972)
 Caliban   (Robert Silverberg, 1972)
 What We Learned from this Morning’s Newspaper   (Robert Silverberg, 1972)
 The shortest science-fiction story ever told   (Roger Deeley, 1972)
 Culture lock   (Barry N. Malzberg, 1973)
 Tell me all about yourself   (Francis Marion Busby, 1973)
 Road map   (Francis Marion Busby, 1973)
 Rumfuddle   (Jack Vance, 1973)
 Name (please print) :   (John Thomas Sladek, 1973)
 Many Mansions   (Robert Silverberg, 1973)
 The Mutant Season | The Mutant Weapon   (Robert Silverberg, 1973)
 The Wind and the Rain   (Robert Silverberg, 1973)
 In the group   (Robert Silverberg, 1973)
 Ms. Found in an Abandoned Time Machine   (Robert Silverberg, 1973)
 Getting Across   (Robert Silverberg, 1973)
 State of the art   (Barry N. Malzberg, 1974)
 If this is Winnetka, you must be Judy   (Francis Marion Busby, 1974)
 Catman   (Harlan Ellison, 1974)
 Great escape tours Inc.   (Kit Reed, 1974)
 New Canute   (Martin I. Ricketts, 1974)
 The learning maze   (Robert Bloch, 1974)
 Capricorn Games   (Robert Silverberg, 1974)
 Schwartz Between the Galaxies   (Robert Silverberg, 1974)
 Trips   (Robert Silverberg, 1974)
 A Sea of Faces   (Robert Silverberg, 1974)
 Uneasy chrysalids, our memories   (John Shirley, 1975)
 The Smile   (James Graham Ballard, 1976)
 A Case of the Stubborns   (Robert Bloch, 1976)
 A Most Unusual Murder   (Robert Bloch, 1976)
 Jeffty is five   (Harlan Ellison, 1977)
 The Dead Time   (James Graham Ballard, 1977)
 Theatre of War   (James Graham Ballard, 1977)
 Nina   (Robert Bloch, 1977)
 Motel Architecture   (James Graham Ballard, 1978)
 Having a wonderful time   (James Graham Ballard, 1978)
 Zodiac 2000   (James Graham Ballard, 1978)
 Gotcha!   (Ray Bradbury, 1979)
 A Day in Mallworld   (Somtow Sucharitkul, 1979)
 A Host of Furious Fancies   (James Graham Ballard, 1980)
 The last circus   (Ray Bradbury, 1980)
 F…   (Richard Matheson, 1980)
 Our Lady of the Sauropods   (Robert Silverberg, 1980)
 Rabid in Mallworld   (Somtow Sucharitkul, 1980)
 Sing a Song of Mallworld   (Somtow Sucharitkul, 1980)
 Under my bed   (Al Sarrantonio, 1981)
 News from the Sun   (James Graham Ballard, 1981)
 Colonel Stonesteel’s genuine home-made truly Egyptian mummy   (Ray Bradbury, 1981)
 Waiting for the Earthquake   (Robert Silverberg, 1981)
 The Dark Side of Mallworld   (Somtow Sucharitkul, 1981)
 The Vampire of Mallworld   (Somtow Sucharitkul, 1981)
 The Jaws of Mallworld   (Somtow Sucharitkul, 1981)
 Mallworld Graffiti   (Somtow Sucharitkul, 1981)
 The river Styx runs upstream   (Dan Simmons, 1982)
 Myths of the Near Future   (James Graham Ballard, 1982)
 The Intensive Care Unit   (James Graham Ballard, 1982)
 The love affair   (Ray Bradbury, 1982)
 Gianni   (Robert Silverberg, 1982)
 The Changeling   (Robert Silverberg, 1982)
 Jennifer’s Lover   (Robert Silverberg, 1982)
 At the Conglomeroid Cocktail Party   (Robert Silverberg, 1982)
 The man who floated in time   (Robert Silverberg, 1982)
 And Now I’m Waiting   (Richard Matheson, 1983)
 By the number !   (Ray Bradbury, 1984)
 The Toynbee convector   (Ray Bradbury, 1984)
 Blunder Bluss   (Richard Matheson, 1984)
 Wish   (Al Sarrantonio, 1985)
 One for his Lordship, and one for the road !   (Ray Bradbury, 1985)
 Symbiont   (Robert Silverberg, 1985)
 Getting Together   (Richard Matheson, 1986)
 He’ll come knocking at your door   (Robert McCammon, 1986)
 All about strange monsters of the recent past   (Howard Waldrop, 1987)
 The Secret Sharer   (Robert Silverberg, 1987)
 The Pardoner’s Tale   (Robert Silverberg, 1987)
 West of October   (Ray Bradbury, 1988)
 Lafayette, Farewell   (Ray Bradbury, 1988)
 Shoo fly   (Richard Matheson, 1988)
 House of Bones   (Robert Silverberg, 1988)
 We are for the dark   (Robert Silverberg, 1988)
 Shave and a haircut, two bites   (Dan Simmons, 1989)
 Person to Person   (Richard Matheson, 1989)
 In another country   (Robert Silverberg, 1989)

 Non traduit
 L’Énigme de Samarkand  

 Short stories
 Échos   (1991)
 Ce que vivent les roses   (1993)

 Après nous le délire   (anthologie, 1977)
 Bateaux ivres au fil du temps   (anthologie, 1978)
 Dans la cité future   (anthologie, 1979)
 Destination 3001   (anthologie, 2000)
 Étonnants voyageurs – Utopies S.F.   (anthologie, 2000)

 Translations of short stories
 Descendre   (Richard Matheson)
 Le Voyageur   (Richard Matheson)
 L’Examen   (Richard Matheson)
 L’Homme qui avait créé le monde   (Richard Matheson)

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